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Trusting God’s Timing: How a Home Equity Loan Opened Doors to Foster Care


For Rev. Daniel and Anneke Hudson, trusting in God’s goodwill and timing has always been vitally important—but it became particularly so when a plan for a home equity loan turned into an opportunity to care for their neighbor.

Their littlest neighbor.

Needed home projects
Rev. Daniel Hudson, who serves as the city director of Milwaukee for the non-profit LINC, explained that his organization “develops leaders who have a God-driven dream to make an impact in and around the urban space through the Gospel.”

In his role, he helps community leaders take their preliminary ideas for serving the community and turn them into reality.

Meanwhile, his wife Anneke focuses full-time on caring for and educating their four children, ages 14-20. In the busyness of life, the family recently began to feel that it was time they addressed some home projects that had gone undone.

“When we moved to Wisconsin, our home’s equity skyrocketed, so we began taking out a home equity loan with LCEF to do projects around the house and deal with moving expenses,” Hudson said.

“We already had a good relationship with our LCEF District Vice President, Diana Raasch, and we had worked with LCEF for our mortgage when we bought our house, so it seemed right.”

Around the same time, the Hudsons became interested in supporting families fostering children and thought that one way they could care for these families was through offering respite care. As trained respite care providers, they would have the opportunity to host foster children in their homes on a short-term basis.

Rev. Daniel and Anneke Hudson

A curveball
“We had just started the process of getting the home equity loan, then halfway through, we were thrown a curveball,” Hudson said.

“We had friends who were υ fostering, and suddenly, there was an emergency, and the twin brothers of their foster children were now in need of a home. No one else could take them, and they needed a home quickly.”

Respite care was one thing, but fostering would be even more of a commitment—including financially. When asked how it came to be that the Hudsons would be the ones to take in these toddler boys, they answered simultaneously, “God!”

“For us, the timing was God ordained,” Hudson said. “We already had the home equity loan in process, which would help us foster these boys because now we’d be able to call [LCEF] and adjust the loan. That way, we could create a room in the basement for our older boys to have room for the twins.”

Now, the Hudsons were able to adjust their loan and increase the amount to quickly prepare their home and lives to receive these precious foster children.

A sense of peace
“It gave me a sense of peace knowing I could just call the loan officer and explain what was going on and know that she would just get it,” Hudson said. “Right away, she was flexible and understood the uniqueness of the situation. She understood what we were trying to do.”

The Hudsons felt relieved knowing they wouldn’t have to contend with the stress of finances as they trusted God’s will and timing in bringing the twins into their home.

“There were so many decisions and transitions, but we already had the trust factor there, and without LCEF, there would have been red tape and headaches,” Hudson said.

“Instead of adding a lot more stress to the situation, we knew that the person on the other end of the phone was a believer who understood the context of Christians living out their faith in this way.”

As a family, the Hudsons love adventures and spending time together—and the relief of any financial concerns through this home equity loan has allowed them to do just that and then some.

While they don’t know how long they will foster the twins or if there is an adoption in their future, they are confident that this particular adventure is all part of God’s will for their family, and His will is always good.

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