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We Are Looking for Lutherans to Join this Noble Cause


The challenge
Our church workers face increasing hardships. While the ministry brings joy, it’s tough out there. Society is less supportive, resources are scarce and salaries aren’t keeping up with inflation.

“Many church workers have given their lives to serve, often in modest circumstances,” said Rev. Dr. Matthew C. Harrison, LCMS President. “And while it’s not the only one, financial strain is an important factor in our church worker shortage.”

Our workers pour out their lives to serve the church. It’s our turn to take care of them.

What’s at stake?
We all must play our part in making church work attractive to young people. This includes creating a better financial future for those who serve.

“If we want our best and brightest young people to find church work appealing, at the minimum, they must know and feel the church has their back,” said Rev. Dr. Brian Friedrich, president of Concordia University, St. Paul.

“That’s why I love LCEF’s Church Worker Loan Pool. It’s a concrete demonstration that our church leaders listen to and act on our church workers’ needs.”

What is the Church Worker Loan Pool?
It is a low-cost source of funds created for all Rostered Church Workers of The Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod (LCMS). It allows LCMS rostered church workers to purchase a home, refinance educational loans, consolidate debt or tap into their home equity at—and this is the crucial part—preferred rates.

How is this different from the way we normally operate? This dedicated loan pool will help secure these preferred loan rates for our workers for many years.

How much should you invest? 
If every able-bodied Lutheran invested $1,500, we would easily meet our audacious goal of raising $250 million.

Join this noble cause
For rates, visit lcef.org/noble.