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John Lehenbauer: An Investor Like You

Investor Profile

“This is a wonderful opportunity for parents to encourage their children in a mindset for the next generation–to set aside and have a rainy day fund and prepare for the future.” 

Every Friday for the entire history of Christ Lutheran Church, Perry, Ga., the congregation has hosted a community meal. This weekly dinner, known as “Thee Lord’s Table,” provides a delicious home-cooked meal and is open to all. On average, 85 people show up each week.

“The congregation is very focused on outreach and it was that way from early on,” said Rev. John Lehenbauer, senior pastor of Christ Lutheran, Perry, Ga.

The congregation has also provided devotions for a local senior care facility, as well as supporting the work of an orphanage in La Paz, Honduras.

Small beginnings

There wasn’t a lot around Perry 13 years ago—just farmland as far as the eye could see. Since then, Perry has blossomed—as has the church. The Lord blessed the congregation with steady growth, as Christ Lutheran’s worship attendance grew from an average of 64 in 2009 to 106 in 2018.

It was a long journey to get where they are now. In its 13-year history, the church worshipped in a funeral home, school gymnasium and store front. In late 2009, the congregation purchased 9 acres of land several miles north of Perry. Through a loan with Lutheran Church Extension Fund (LCEF), Christ was able to build phase one of their new facility which consisted of a sanctuary, fellowship hall, kitchen, Sunday school rooms and offices.

In addition, their partnership with LCEF extended to two projects completed by Laborers For Christ in 2012 and 2018; advice from the Architectural Advisory Committee in 2014; and a Consecrated Stewards campaign in 2014.

This was not Lehenbauer’s first encounter with LCEF. He and his wife had always invested with the organization since their days in the seminary in the early 80s.

John and Renee Lehenbauer Family

3 reasons to invest

“My wife and I have been investors all of our married life. With eight children it was a great opportunity to show them the importance of saving for their future and for their college years.”

With seven grandchildren, the Lehenbauers have found plenty of opportunities to gift them with Young Investors (Y.I.) Club accounts, including as Christmas presents. Lehenbauer believes there are three good reasons that it’s important to invest with LCEF.

“Number one, your money is being used to fund Lutheran churches and schools that proclaim Jesus Christ. Number two, rates are competitive and sometimes better than other institutions. Third, this is a wonderful opportunity for parents to encourage their children in a mindset for the next generation—to set aside and have a rainy-day fund and prepare for the future.”

Through faithful investors like the Lehenbauers, LCEF is able to help strengthen Lutheran organizations and rostered church workers through low-cost loans and ministry support services.


Learn more about the LCEF puzzle — www.lcef.org/connected


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