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The approach of combining the classroom curriculum with real-life experiences is making a lasting impact on the children of Christ Lutheran School, Phoenix, as well as the surrounding community. #KaleidoscopeFund

“What are we going to do when we retire?”

That was the question the Enderles were asking themselves after 25 years of living in a parsonage. Discover how the couple took the plunge in purchasing their first home. #InterestTime

Often called “the miracle school,” Loving Arms Christian Preschool is seen as the reason some children are now flourishing students, rather than expelled with behavior issues. #KaleidoscopeFund

You know them as the faithful musicians, cantors, organists and music directors who work together with the pastor to illuminate God’s Word through music. 🎶

We followed Emily Woock around to find out what a typical day in the life of a parish music director looks like.

Lutheran Church Extension Fund celebrates 40 years of empowering ministries in kingdom work.

The running track at Forest Hills Lutheran Christian School in Cornelius, Oregon, is a hazardous mess. See how a class of 8th grade math students are attempting to replace it so students coming after them can have something better.

The divide between the city and county of St. Louis is as much geographical as cultural. See how one county church is attempting to heal that fracture through a unique coffeehouse ministry and mission.

Monica, a student from a super wealthy family in Vietnam, didn’t know anything about Christianity. Paul Mehl, executive director of Saint Paul Lutheran School, explains how her time at the boarding school transformed her life.

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Interest Time is a quarterly publication which covers topics from Lutheran education, investments and stewardship within the Church.